Qualelibet was the official newsletter of the ISHBS. It is no longer being Published. Past issues are available below in PDF format.   

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The Meaning of “Qualelibet”

Qualis (quale in the neuter singular) means “of what sort” or “what kind of,” while libet means “it pleases" or “is agreeable.”
So the title means “whatever is pleasing to you,” with the idea that the newsletter will be pleasing to the reader and can contain whatever information the readers wish and find helpful. It is ultimately a variation on a form of academic dispute popular in 13th- and 14th-century universities called the “Quodlibetal Question” (Quaestio quodlibet), in which students would pose “whatever question they pleased” to their masters.

Past issues

Spring 2017, Volume XXXV.1
Autumn 2016, Volume XXXIV.2
Spring 2016, Volume XXXIV.1
Autumn 2015, Volume XXXIII.2
Spring 2015, Volume XXXIII.1
Autumn 2014, Volume XXXII.2
Spring 2014, Volume XXXII.1
Autumn 2013, Volume XXXI.2
Spring 2013, Volume XXXI.1
Autumn 2012, Volume XXX.2
Spring 2012, Volume XXX.1
Autumn 2011, Volume XXIX.2
Spring 2011, Volume XXIX.1
Autumn 2010, Volume XXVII.2
Spring 2010, Volume XXVII.1
Autumn 2009, Volume XXVI.2
Spring 2009, Volume XXVI.1
Autumn 2008, Volumne XXV.2
Spring 2008, Volume XXV.1
Autumn 2007, Volume XXIV.2
Spring 2007, Volume XXIV.1
Autumn 2006, Volume XXIII.2
Spring 2006, Volume XXIII.1
Autumn 2005, Volume XXII.2
Spring 2005, Volume XXII.1

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